All Emotions Are OK: Supporting Children to Be Emotionally Ready for School

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF ALL EMOTIONS ARE OK: BOOKLET FOR CHILDRENThe book “All Emotions Are OK” by Dr. Sarah Temple, illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills, is a comprehensive resource aimed at helping parents, caregivers, and children in the UK understand and manage emotions. It is divided into three coloured sections: Children, Tools, and Science, each focusing on different aspects of emotional intelligence and literacy.


  1. Introduction: The book begins with a foreword emphasising the importance of emotion coaching in children’s development. It references the approach used by Kate Middleton and Prince William, highlighting the value of discussing and exploring feelings with children.
  2. Children’s Section (Blue Pages): This section is intended for reading with children. It introduces the concept of emotions and feelings, encouraging open discussion about them.
  3. Tools Section (Purple Pages): Here, practical tools and activities are provided for families to engage in together. These exercises aim to help children and adults better understand and manage their emotions.
  4. Science Section (Orange Pages): This part delves into the science of stress and the significance of emotions. It explains concepts like ‘flipping the lid’ as described by Daniel J. Siegel, a metaphor for when emotions overwhelm rational thinking.
  5. Workbook and Activities: The book includes a workbook with practical exercises and activities, inspired by “The Wholebrain Child Workbook” by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. These activities are designed to help manage emotions and understand oneself better.
  6. Emotion Literacy for Adults: The book also contains information and practical ideas for parents, carers, and adult caregivers to develop their own emotion intelligence and literacy.
  7. Focus on All Emotions: It emphasises that all emotions, including anger, sadness, joy, fear, surprise, disgust, and contempt, are valid, but not all behaviours are acceptable. The book guides on managing feelings and understanding oneself.

The book is 25 pages long and is a valuable resource for families and educators in the UK to support children in developing emotional intelligence and coping with their feelings in a healthy way.


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