Free Anger & Irritability Self-Help Booklet for Adults

Anger & Irritability Self-Help Booklet for AdultsThe “Anger & Irritability Self-Help Booklet for Adults” is a comprehensive resource designed to help individuals cope better with feelings of irritability and anger. It is structured into nine sections, each focusing on different aspects of anger management:

  1. About Anger: Understanding what anger is, how it affects individuals, and what keeps it going.
  2. What Triggers Anger?: Identifying the triggers of anger and noticing early warning signs.
  3. Anger and the Body: Examining the physical effects of anger and how the body reacts.
  4. Anger and Thinking: Understanding the relationship between thoughts and anger.
  5. Anger and Behaviour: Exploring how anger influences behaviour and how to change these behaviours.
  6. Problem Solving: Techniques to address problems that might cause anger.
  7. Communication: Tips on communicating effectively to manage anger.
  8. Putting a Lid on It: Strategies for controlling anger in difficult situations.
  9. Wellbeing Resources: Additional resources for maintaining overall wellbeing.

The booklet utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, offering various exercises to help understand and control anger. It emphasises the importance of recognising and managing physical symptoms, changing unhelpful thinking patterns, and adopting healthier behaviours. The booklet also includes practical tips like controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, distraction techniques, and problem-solving strategies. It encourages self-reflection and gradual practice of these techniques for better anger management.


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