Free Anger Moodjuice Self-help Guide for Adults

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF ANGER MOODJUICE SELF-HELP GUIDE FOR ADULTSThe “Anger Management Self-Help Guide” is a comprehensive resource designed to assist individuals who are dealing with anger issues. It aims to help users recognise if they are experiencing problems with anger, understand what anger is, what causes it, and what sustains it, and find ways to manage or overcome their anger.

The guide is structured to provide strategies for overcoming anger problems, including:

  1. Gaining a deeper understanding of anger.
  2. Learning to challenge unhelpful thoughts and seeing things in a more realistic light.
  3. Learning physical and mental relaxation techniques.
  4. Improving problem-solving skills.
  5. Considering positive lifestyle changes.
  6. Enhancing communication skills.

The guide encourages a step-by-step approach, suggesting that users try out each strategy one at a time, at their own pace.

Key sections of the guide include:

  • Do I Have an Anger Problem?: A self-assessment checklist to help identify feelings, physical symptoms, thoughts, and behaviour patterns related to anger.
  • What is Anger?: An explanation of anger as an emotion, its physical manifestations, and how it can become problematic.
  • What Causes Anger Problems?: An exploration of life events, thinking styles, and behavioural explanations that may contribute to anger issues.
  • What Keeps an Anger Problem Going?: Insight into the patterns and consequences of anger that can perpetuate the problem.


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