Free Anger Activity Book for Teens

Free Anger Activity Book for TeensThe “Anger Activity Book for Teens” is a thoughtful and practical workbook designed to help teenagers understand and manage anger. Created by Ascension EAP, this book combines information about anger with engaging activities, making it both educational and interactive.

The workbook begins with an exploration of what anger is, explaining it as a normal emotion that can become problematic if not managed properly. It delves into the ‘fight or flight’ response, helping teens understand the physical and psychological aspects of anger.

Key sections of the book include strategies for ‘Taming Anger,’ recognising and altering ‘Fight or Flight’ responses, and activities for calming and relaxation under ‘Rest & Digest.’ The workbook introduces the concept of ‘Squashing ANTs’ (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that often accompany anger, providing strategies for challenging and changing these thoughts.

Interactive exercises like the ‘Red Light Green Light’ activity help teens gauge the intensity of their anger in various scenarios. The book also includes creative activities like ‘Facing Fury,’ which encourage teens to visualize and work through their anger. ‘It’s a Miracle!’ and ‘My Hero’ sections use imaginative thinking to help teens reconceptualize challenging situations and see themselves as capable of managing their emotions.

Ending with ‘That’s a Wrap!’ the workbook acknowledges the effort and progress made by the reader. It emphasizes the importance of ongoing practice in managing anger and encourages seeking additional help if needed.

Overall, the workbook is a comprehensive tool that combines theory with practical activities, aiding teens in understanding and effectively managing their anger.


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