Free Emotion and Stress Regulation Magic Tool Box for Children

Free Emotion and Stress Regulation Magic Tool Box for Children free

The “Emotion and Stress Regulation Magic Tool Box for Children,” created by the University of Maryland College Park, is a valuable resource for helping children manage emotions and stress. It includes activities for emotion awareness, such as “Emotions Wheel” and “Feelings Bingo,” and techniques for emotion regulation like “Zones of Regulation” and “Belly Breaths.” The booklet also focuses on body relaxation, engagement, and attention with activities suitable for classroom settings. Additionally, it emphasizes relationship building and behavior skills, featuring strategies like “Kindness Chain” and “Star Chart.” A section on teacher self-care with tools for relaxation and reflection is also included. This resource is beneficial for educators and parents in aiding children’s emotional development.

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  • Emotion Awareness: If You’re Happy and You Know It Emotions Wheel Feelings Bingo
  • Emotion Regulation: Zones of Regulation Tucker Turtle Belly Breaths F.E.E.L. Reinforcing Happiness
  • Body Relaxation: One-Two-Three Breathe Body Grounding Activity Alternate Nostril Breathing Child’s Pose Stretch Starfish Breath Mindful Hand Massage Drumming Activity Spinal Roll Ear Massage Activity Rabbit Pose
  • Emotion Engagement and Attention: Good Morning or Goodbye Use Rhythm S.S.L.A.N.T. Fairness Cup Marble Jar Attention Grabbers Teacher Whisper Mix-Freeze-Pair Simon Says Charades Direction Chants Teacher Feeling Chant Walk out the Door Chant Say No More Chant Sit on the Floor Chant Direction Rhymes Look at Me Rhyme Eyes on Me Rhyme
  • Quiet Indoor Activities: Duck Duck Goose Group Drawing Project Telephone Yoga Animal Walk Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone? Good Morning Judge Statues
  • Relationship Building: PRIDE Skills Positive Reframing Kindness Chain Conflict CAT
  • Behavior Skills: Transitions Star Chart Time Out
  • Teacher Self-Care: Deep Breathing Progressive Muscle Relaxation Stretching Pause and Reflect Express Your Feelings


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