Free Emotional Regulation for Kids Sheets

Free Emotional Regulation for Kids SheetsThe “Emotional Regulation for Kids Sheets” is a thoughtfully designed resource created by Emilie Delworth and Jocelyn Fitzgerald, aimed at helping children from toddlers and up (including the whole family) in developing emotional regulation skills. This booklet is particularly useful for children experiencing strong emotions and those who are nonverbal but capable of identifying their emotions.

Key components of the booklet include:

  • Checking In With Myself: This section encourages children to identify their emotions, physical sensations, and ways to regulate themselves. It asks questions like what emotions they are feeling, what sensations they are experiencing in their body, and how they can regulate themselves.
  • Emotion and Sensation Identification: It includes visual aids to help children identify their feelings (like happy, excited, or scared) and corresponding physical sensations (like feeling hot/sweaty or tight).
  • Regulation Techniques: This part suggests various ways children can regulate themselves, such as counting, dancing, drawing, or breathing exercises.
  • Affirmations: The booklet includes positive affirmations like “I am lovable” and “I can do hard things” to help children build self-esteem and emotional resilience.
  • Guidance for Different Developmental Stages: The booklet provides specific advice for developmental stages from ages 1 to 5, tailoring the approach to the child’s growing ability to identify emotions, body sensations, and needs.

Overall, this resource serves as a valuable tool for parents, caregivers, and educators to aid children in understanding and managing their emotions and physical sensations, fostering emotional intelligence and healthy emotional regulation skills from an early age.


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