Grieving & Healing: My Feelings Book for Elementary Children

Grieving & Healing: My Feelings Book for Elementary Children“My Feelings Book for Elementary Aged Children” is a therapeutic activity book aimed at helping children who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Designed for elementary school-aged children, it guides them through their grief journey with various activities to express and cope with their feelings of loss. The book starts with an introduction, explaining its purpose and encouraging children to use it to talk about and honor their special person. It includes sections for children to identify themselves, their loved ones, and their families, helping them express their identity and relationship with the deceased.

There are activities focused on exploring emotions, where children can label and express their feelings of sadness, happiness, and other emotions related to their loss. The book also encourages remembering and honoring the deceased through activities like sharing favorite memories and engaging in family activities. Children are given space to articulate their thoughts and feelings towards their lost loved one, and there’s a section with acknowledgments and a letter to parents and caregivers, highlighting the importance of support and communication during the grieving process.

At the end, the book provides additional resources and information about The Christi Center, a support organization for grieving individuals, along with contact details for further assistance. The book serves as a compassionate guide to help children navigate their grief with therapeutic activities, fostering emotional expression and healing.

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  • This Is Me
  • This Is My Loved One
  • This Is My Family
  • Feelings in Your Heart
  • How Are You Feeling Today
  • I Feel Sad When…
  • I Feel Happy When…
  • My Favorite Memory of My Special Person
  • Family Activity
  • If I Could Say Anything
  • The Precious Present
  • Acknowledgments
  • Letter to Parents and Caregivers


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