Free Managing Anger after Brain Injury Booklet

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF MANAGING ANGER AFTER BRAIN INJURYThe “Managing Anger after Brain Injury” booklet is a resource created by Headway – the brain injury association, specifically for individuals who have experienced a brain injury and are struggling with anger management. It is also a guide for their families and carers. The booklet, which has received commendation from the British Medical Association Patient Information Awards, is authored by Helen O’Neill, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Occupational Therapist.

The booklet covers several key areas:

  1. Understanding Anger: It defines anger as a normal emotional response and explains how it can affect thoughts, feelings, and actions. It also describes the physiological changes that occur when a person gets angry.
  2. Anger after Brain Injury: The booklet delves into why individuals with brain injuries may experience heightened levels of anger and provides strategies for managing these feelings in daily life.
  3. Coping Strategies: It offers tips for the person with a brain injury, their family, friends, and carers on how to handle anger effectively.
  4. Comprehensive Guidance: The booklet includes a frequently asked questions section, a glossary of terms, further reading suggestions, and a list of useful organisations.
  5. Technical Insights: It provides information on the internal areas of the brain and their functions, as well as details on the cerebral cortex.

The booklet emphasises that managing anger is not about eliminating the emotion but learning to control it. It encourages consulting medical professionals if anger becomes a problem and does not replace clinical guidance.


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